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    Your Air Conditioning And Heat Pump

    The soaring renewable energy market has allowed the development of heat pumps. There are thus several types of heat pumps with different features and characteristics: so, how to make the right choice?

    Principles of operation of heat pumps

    Often you choose to the inexperience and less valuable effort for the servicing of your air condition but you should be very concern regarding the risk factor which generally comes from cheap parts and servicing. To ensure your safety manual and longevity of the product you should talk with real expert, good at aircon servicing Singapore.

    A heat pump collects the calories found in the air, we therefore speak of aerothermicsin water by hydrothermal principle and of course via the ground in the case of geothermal energy. Its compressor warms them so that they are distributed in your home to allow to heat it, and if necessary, to cool it. In addition to this natural energy, the heat pump also runs on electricity, to a lesser extent and you save on your bill!

    The different types of heat pumps

    The air-to-air heat pump, which distributes heat by forced air, does not require heavy work in your home and can be used in addition to your existing heating system. It operates in closed circuit or open circuit, and sometimes requires the installation of devices allowing the free circulation of air and therefore the ventilation of the parts concerned by the use of this pump.

    The air-source heat pump can also replace your boiler and intervene in addition to the latter. Connected to your hydraulic system, it heats the water supplying your radiators and installs outside the house. Its installation does not require construction or administrative authorization.

    Heat diffusion systems

    Water: the pump heats the water that circulates in a wall or under floor heating or radiators.

    Air: the pump distributes heat through the pulsed air.

    Refrigerant: this liquid is used to distribute heat in a heated floor

    Price and installation

    The price of heat pumps varies depending on the type of pump, your needs and the cost of installation. To ensure the best possible performance for your heat pump and to benefit from the tax credit, have your appliance installed by a professional, who is good at aircon servicing with maximum potential.


    An air conditioning specialist solves all types of problems related to air conditioning: installation, troubleshooting, repair, or advice. In addition, this air conditioning professional may also have to intervene following a malfunction, and then proceed to a repair. In this case, he diagnoses the fault and puts the device back into working order. Technical knowledge and responsiveness are necessary. The work will actually start: the technician proceeds to the installation and commissioning of the device. The specialist interprets the plans and diagrams at his disposal, installs the technical devices, whether with or without the client.

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