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    Why Strike Security is a Necessity

    Strikes happen all the time and are not always peaceful, even if they start out that way. A strike is defined as a planned refusal to work which is organised by a body of (usually disgruntled) employees as a form of protest. This is usually in the hopes of gaining concessions from their employer.

    Strikes are somewhat notorious for getting out of hand and turning violent at the drop of a hat. This is why you need managed security services on speed dial to stand in with their strike security teams.

    How Managed Security Services Make a Big Difference

    In the event of a strike, managed security services are there for more than just preventing things from going sour. The difference with strike security from Apache Security Services is that its strike protection team will help you take control of the situation on the day in question.

    The consequences of not taking immediate action can be monumentally harmful (both physically and economically), so it is important to take action with:

    Video Recording Operatives

    Modern strike security teams do their best to keep things from getting out of hand, but if they do these teams ensure that there are consequences for the perpetrators. Specialist hostile video recording operatives make up part of the strike security detail. The hard evidence they provide ensures that there is proof of any criminal actions and that those responsible can be held accountable. The managed security service providers will testify in hearings and present evidence based on the events.

    Strike monitoring via hand held video and drone footage assists in not only bringing those at fault to justice, but also in providing real-time hostile environment risk management.

    Protect Employers and Employees

    A professional strike security team is trained to analyse potential threats before they occur. With this team in charge of hostile environment risk management all parties are kept safe; employers, employees and the public. Executive protection is also available for anyone who is likely to be targeted by the protest action.

    Perimeter protection is set up to ensure that the environment is monitored at all times and any uninvolved parties are kept out, should they only be there to cause trouble. Undercover infiltration is also in place so that the situation is under control at all times and from all angles. They are even first aid trained with quick response times, so nothing is left to chance and even the worst case scenario has an exit strategy.

    Security companies in South Africa are ready to protect the public from aggressive and violent actions – wherever they may come from. Contact us for professional strike security and a range of other protection services.

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