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    Ways to Unwind

    When it comes to how to spend your free time, if you’re like me, it can, itself, be stressful. So little time, so many potential activities. What to do, what to do, what to do? With your limited free time, the pressure is on to spend it wisely and give yourself the break from school, work, or both that you deserve. But, simultaneously, it can be exhausting to go through your options and fail to get excited about your choices. I call it “entertainment fatigue.” It’s a products of anxiety in my case, dreading the working life, dreading trying to have fun when I’m not working. Sometimes, you can’t win for losing. However, here are some suggestions from an “entertainment fatigue” expert.

    First and foremost, a hobby goes a long way to filling in the blanks in your free time. Having a recurring activity such as an ongoing art project will make deciding how to spend your limited free time that much easier. If you’re not a hobbyist already, finding a hobby that suits you is just a matter of time and experimentation. If there’s something you’ve always wished you did with your time, but told yourself you couldn’t, now’s the time to reach for the stars. Why not be productive with your spare time, after all?

    Another way to spend free time is to hang out with friends. More specifically, you can spend time with your friends engaging in fun experiences. A great example of this is taking your friends out for a night on the town; dinner and a movie. So, make a reservation at a fine dining establishment and grab some movie tickets from Ticketmaster and make a day of it. However, if you’re not the outgoing type, which is a decent chance if you deal with mental illness like me, invite friends over for a home brewed movie night. Don’t forget the snacks!

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