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    Special Options for The Right Trucks Now

    Aware that moving to another country can be challenging we have put together a document that will familiarize you with the shipping methods, regulations and terms used. Do not hesitate to contact one of the relocation advisers to US to discuss your needs.

    Most people and companies choose to ship goods to and from US by sea freight. Although more economical, this means is also considerably slower than sending by air. There are some benefits: Ports are designed to handle high volume loads, and personal belongings and commercial shipments are handled daily. For the loadboard for trucks this is important.

    When you ship your goods to and from Israel, you can choose to send your goods in an individual shipping container or in a bulk container that you only pay for the space used in the container. Bulk delivery containers must be emptied at the port and the shipments must be cleared individually.

    Expedition to and from USA by air

    Air freight is more expensive than ocean freight, but much faster. When time is running out and for shipments of valuables such as works of art, new appliances or electronics, air freight should be preferred.

    As the name implies, this service includes packing and pickup from your place of departure and delivery and unloading at your arrival location. We recommend that you choose door-to-door service when you move to Israel to avoid moving.

    Many companies offer door-to-door shipping service to Israel, but they do not include “port taxes of the destination port” in their door-to-door price. We need to tell you that it is really important to get the port handling charges in writing before sending your goods to US. The company is based in Israel, we know the different ports of the country perfectly and we always attach the port handling charges in writing to your quote.

    Shipping from Port to Gate live and from US

    For individuals who pack their goods themselves, this option saves the cost of removing the move to their home. You will then have to deposit your goods to send directly to our warehouse. We will take it in hand at that moment.

    However, experienced specialists, whom we asked to comment on this small article, nevertheless recommended the heads of warehouses and wholesale bases to first try to bring the organization of the warehouse process into an elementary order and then, on the basis of the analysis of “bottlenecks”, to decide on the introduction of expensive innovative technologies and equipment. Even if you apply new and expensive equipment in a warehouse where goods are improperly distributed across squares and order picking is poorly organized, its operation will not yield positive results.

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