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    Small Criminal

    Even A Small Criminal Are Restricted To Enter

    No matter you have done any small crimes in past or in present will be reason to banned your entry into Canada, even if one submits all the proper documents they are not allowed to enter into the city no reasons are considered as valid to allow inside the Canada. Every year even many persons citizenship have been cancelled by the government due to this reasons, with the help of law having criminal record people can enter into the city only during three circumference they are as mentioned below

    • Temporary resident acts
    • Suspensions of record
    • Criminal rehabilitation

    Only with the proper documented proofs which you can find clearly here are allowed even in these three cases it takes a little procedure to be followed by the person.

    Procedures that takes place during three situations

    Temporary resident act- under this act the individual has sentenced for the crime outside the city and their crime period over before five years means they can enter into Canada as per this act, the person are allowed for limited period. The period, date and time which is mentioned on the permit is considered as a stay period and that to with valid reasons which can be business meetings and family meeting and staying period can be months or in days but not possible to stay permanently. Once the mentioned time is over they need to vacate the city.

    Suspension of record-the people who are proven criminal within the city are comes under this category, this act is similar to criminal rehabilitation. The people who are booked under this act need to obey every rules made by government, if the respected person is well obeyed citizen he/she can allowed to stay within the city without any trouble. Person need to wait for ten years to apply suspension of record.

    Criminal rehabilitation- the person has sentenced outside the Canada they are suitable to apply for criminal rehabilitation after the five years of sentence period. It also provides the permanent stay for the member on certain basis to get this facility the particular member needs to give the necessary and valid reason for the crime if it is the first time they can get it without any trouble; suppose the crime is not for the first time then their application is hard to pass.

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