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    How Much Does Personal Injury Lawyers Syracuse Charge?

    Knowing how much personal injury lawyers Syracuse ny charge is an important consideration. In most cases, the lawyers charge hourly fees/ hourly billing rate or contingency fees. Most attorneys prefer to charge the customers contingency fees. With this type of payment, the lawyer is paid only if he or she wins a judgment or has successfully negotiated a monetary settlement. If you lose the case or you are not compensated at all, the lawyer will not get paid as well. However, if you will the case, you will be required to pay for all expenses incurred during the preparation of your case. There are many injury attorneys who will not require you to pay for the expenses if you lose the case.

    The contingency fees is usually deducted from the money you are compensated. It is a percentage of the monetary value awarded. The contingency fees vary from one Syracuse personal injury attorney to the next or from location to location. It is normal to negotiate the percentage charged but it’s important you negotiate before hiring the attorney. There are a number of advances you and your attorney will benefit from. For example, the attorney will receive great award if you win the case. But if the lawyer is capable of securing good amount of settlement quickly, you may feel he or she doesn’t deserve it.

    If you want to negotiate the contingency fee charged, it is imperative you know if it is based on gross award or net judgment. If it is based on gross award, it means that the fee is charged before the expenses are deducted and if it is based on net judgment, it means the fee is charged after the expenses have already been deducted.

    There are also many personal injury lawyers Syracuse who charge hourly. In short, you will be required to pay agreed hourly rate for the duration the attorney works on the case. This apply if the case is won or lost. Also, you will be required to cover all the expenses for preparing the case. The hourly billing rates are not as common as contingency fees when it comes to personal injury lawsuits. The injury victims are required to make advance payments even when they may not have the money so hourly charges are less popular. In addition, most attorneys don’t prefer hourly billing rates because if the case is settled or won, the money the lawyer will make is lower compared to money he or she would have made on contingency.

    Most personal injury lawyers Syracuse charge hourly fees if they have determined that the case is weak or unlikely to give him or her large payoff. It is imperative you talk to your client why is charging you hourly rates and why he or she isn’t considering contingency. This is a very important consideration because if you are charged hourly, you will still pay for all the expenses even if the case is unsuccessful. If you have a tight budget or have less money, then hiring an attorney who charge hourly isn’t a great idea.

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