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    Committed Offense

    It’s Hard To Enter Canada If You Committed Offense

    Before several years it’s easy to visit Canada, since much procedure is not taken place. Nowadays it’s hard to enter Canada without proper approval. Moreover, every country has its own rules and regulations framed on its own, so Canada has its own set of rules for people entering there. People, who committed offense inside or outside the country, will struggle a lot while visiting Canada, since they won’t allow them easily. Whether you are applying visa for first time, then you should more cautious, since if you involved in any kind of offence, then they won’t provide visa for entering into the country.

    Even though you are visiting there for vacation, business or other purpose, you should not involve in any kind of criminal activities and no cases have filed against you in your home country, otherwise you will find hard to get visa. For immigration purpose, you should possess some kind of skills and eligibility otherwise your visa will get cancelled. Permanent residents involve much formalities rather than temporary residents. For safety precautions they framed many rules, since terrorism taken place more, so for keeping it in control they framed such rules.

    Reasons For Non Approval Of Visa

    For entering Canada, you should fulfill certain obligation; but they will ban you from entering Canada, due to certain reasons. Some of them are as follows, so you will be cautious while getting your visaMoreover, many people driving under the influence. They considered as a major crime, since it results in severe problem, even cause death. If a person involved in DUI for many times, then it’s not possible for them to enter Canada, although they won’t provide visa under any circumstances. If you committed crime, outside the country, then you have to provide full details about your crime and its judgment. If you provide false statement, then your visa will get cancelled.

    Before approving your visa, they will calculate the number of offense committed by you and its severity and then they will come to a conclusion, whether to allot visa for you or not. These are some among the reasons for cancellation of visa, so try to avoid it. Don’t end up in trouble by committing crime; otherwise your dream of entering Canada will get spoiled.

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