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    No Jokes! The Proper Transport of Cargo Now

    Transportation of goods by air is a reliable and fast way of delivery. When air travel, there are many nuances that need to be taken into account so as not to waste time and money. Observance of several simple rules will help to organize air transportation in the shortest possible time.

    The Information

    Inform the air carrier of the nature, weight and dimensions of the cargo. There are restrictions on the airplane both in terms of weight and volume, and by type of cargo. The specialists will find for you the nearest flight of the corresponding aircraft and calculate the cost of transportation. Be sure to specify if your cargo is not classified as banned or dangerous.

    Take care of the packaging

    • It must correspond to the cargo category, and stay whole the whole way. Be sure to mark with this recipient on all packages. Prepare all necessary supporting documents.
    • Check the place and time where you will bring the goods for further transportation by plane. Or tell me – where and when the carrier company can pick it up.
    • Determine what stages of the preparation of the goods you do yourself, and which you trust the carrier.

    Provide an address and contact information about the sender and the recipient. You will be informed of the flight number, departure date and air waybill number, where you can track the arrival of the goods at the destination. The support is there with the free load board also now.

    Transportation of dangerous goods

    Experience shows that many of the usual, seemingly innocuous things can prove dangerous goods. For example, dangerous goods include food flavor enhancers, perfumes, spirits, aerosols, chemicals, electronic equipment and others. At high altitudes, the atmospheric pressure, air temperature, and vibration change. The airplane is a closed space, therefore it is practically impossible to remove or neutralize the consequences of manifestations of hazardous properties of a substance or object. Therefore, such goods can create a threat to the safety of the flight and the health of passengers and crew.

    • Transportation of dangerous goods is regulated by law and aviation regulations. Dangerous goods are classified according to the types of danger. With the classification of dangerous goods can be found on our website on the characteristics of dangerous goods.
    • Before planning air transportation, consult with a specialist in the transport of dangerous goods. If the cargo is really dangerous – not every airport has licenses and certificates for the reception and handling of dangerous goods. Therefore, the cargo may need to be sent to another, the nearest airport, and then to use land transportation for the desired destination. As for the airlines, they may have their own rules and restrictions for certain hazard classes.

    Dangerous goods must have a package that fully complies with all applicable standards and regulations. The packing of dangerous goods must be dry and clean, without sharp corners and protrusions, so as not to damage other cargo or aircraft. Packaging for liquid or bulk cargo must withstand high pressure, vibration and temperature conditions in the aircraft and completely eliminate leakage or scattering of contents during the flight. Be responsible for packing dangerous goods.


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    Why Strike Security is a Necessity

    Strikes happen all the time and are not always peaceful, even if they start out that way. A strike is defined as a planned refusal to work which is organised by a body of (usually disgruntled) employees as a form of protest. This is usually in the hopes of gaining concessions from their employer.

    Strikes are somewhat notorious for getting out of hand and turning violent at the drop of a hat. This is why you need managed security services on speed dial to stand in with their strike security teams.

    How Managed Security Services Make a Big Difference

    In the event of a strike, managed security services are there for more than just preventing things from going sour. The difference with strike security from Apache Security Services is that its strike protection team will help you take control of the situation on the day in question.

    The consequences of not taking immediate action can be monumentally harmful (both physically and economically), so it is important to take action with:

    Video Recording Operatives

    Modern strike security teams do their best to keep things from getting out of hand, but if they do these teams ensure that there are consequences for the perpetrators. Specialist hostile video recording operatives make up part of the strike security detail. The hard evidence they provide ensures that there is proof of any criminal actions and that those responsible can be held accountable. The managed security service providers will testify in hearings and present evidence based on the events.

    Strike monitoring via hand held video and drone footage assists in not only bringing those at fault to justice, but also in providing real-time hostile environment risk management.

    Protect Employers and Employees

    A professional strike security team is trained to analyse potential threats before they occur. With this team in charge of hostile environment risk management all parties are kept safe; employers, employees and the public. Executive protection is also available for anyone who is likely to be targeted by the protest action.

    Perimeter protection is set up to ensure that the environment is monitored at all times and any uninvolved parties are kept out, should they only be there to cause trouble. Undercover infiltration is also in place so that the situation is under control at all times and from all angles. They are even first aid trained with quick response times, so nothing is left to chance and even the worst case scenario has an exit strategy.

    Security companies in South Africa are ready to protect the public from aggressive and violent actions – wherever they may come from. Contact us for professional strike security and a range of other protection services.

    Great Benefits of account Factoring Now

    Factoring is a short-term source of financing for companies, which means that companies must hand over their trade receivables to a factoring company (also called a factor) in exchange for financing them in a maximum period of time. 48 hours.

    The management of the post-customers can be carried out, within the framework of a contract of factoring, by the factor which raises itself your customers in order to obtain their payment at the expiry. This allows you to focus on developing your sales. The accounts receivable factoring comes up with high options here.

    Credit insurance is an integral part of the factoring contract and is mandatory. When assigning your invoices, the factor will ensure that your receivables are guaranteed against any outstanding payments. If you wish, you can choose your own credit insurance.

    Companies are always looking for simple management solutions. Factoring or “factoring” for English speakers is one of them. It concerns the post receipt of customers in the context of B2B (business to business) that is to say business-to-business, and consists in transferring to a specialized company the debts of its customers in exchange for immediately available funds.

    Factoring or assignment of receivables

    This financing technique binds a company to a factor (factor in English) through a contract in which the first assigns its bills to the second. The factoring company is a specialized financial institution that receives invoices as soon as they are issued in exchange for a contractually agreed amount. The factoring company is responsible for collecting the receivables from the client companies.

    Remember that factoring cannot concern individuals.

    The benefits of factoring

    Factoring makes it possible not to wait until an invoice expires to be paid. Your cash is enhanced by the payment upon issuance of each invoice. In addition, you do not have to worry about bill collection and the treatment of bad payers! Once your claim is assigned to the factoring, it is up to him to recover it. So you do not waste time managing recoveries and you are fully dedicated to developing your business.

    Set up and cost

    Before signing the contract, the facture evaluates the risk of unpaid invoices by analyzing your customer file. As with credit, it is the quantification of risk that determines the cost of the transaction. The factoring is paid on each invoice discount by factoring commission, financing and participation in a guarantee fund. This retention for guarantee covers the risk of unpaid invoice.

    Factoring offers a double outsourcing: that of the administrative tasks related to the cashing of the client companies and that of the risk and the management of unpaid bills. A solution to consider for all B2B entrepreneurs who want to focus on the core business!

    Special Options for The Right Trucks Now

    Aware that moving to another country can be challenging we have put together a document that will familiarize you with the shipping methods, regulations and terms used. Do not hesitate to contact one of the relocation advisers to US to discuss your needs.

    Most people and companies choose to ship goods to and from US by sea freight. Although more economical, this means is also considerably slower than sending by air. There are some benefits: Ports are designed to handle high volume loads, and personal belongings and commercial shipments are handled daily. For the loadboard for trucks this is important.

    When you ship your goods to and from Israel, you can choose to send your goods in an individual shipping container or in a bulk container that you only pay for the space used in the container. Bulk delivery containers must be emptied at the port and the shipments must be cleared individually.

    Expedition to and from USA by air

    Air freight is more expensive than ocean freight, but much faster. When time is running out and for shipments of valuables such as works of art, new appliances or electronics, air freight should be preferred.

    As the name implies, this service includes packing and pickup from your place of departure and delivery and unloading at your arrival location. We recommend that you choose door-to-door service when you move to Israel to avoid moving.

    Many companies offer door-to-door shipping service to Israel, but they do not include “port taxes of the destination port” in their door-to-door price. We need to tell you that it is really important to get the port handling charges in writing before sending your goods to US. The company is based in Israel, we know the different ports of the country perfectly and we always attach the port handling charges in writing to your quote.

    Shipping from Port to Gate live and from US

    For individuals who pack their goods themselves, this option saves the cost of removing the move to their home. You will then have to deposit your goods to send directly to our warehouse. We will take it in hand at that moment.

    However, experienced specialists, whom we asked to comment on this small article, nevertheless recommended the heads of warehouses and wholesale bases to first try to bring the organization of the warehouse process into an elementary order and then, on the basis of the analysis of “bottlenecks”, to decide on the introduction of expensive innovative technologies and equipment. Even if you apply new and expensive equipment in a warehouse where goods are improperly distributed across squares and order picking is poorly organized, its operation will not yield positive results.

    The Journey for Business Development Now

    We continue with our long journey on the different ways of financing the business currency. And we have to talk about factoring, a medium that although years ago could be considered novel, today is part of the financial menu of any entity that works with companies. In fact, factoring is a medium widely used in third countries, which are unaware of the different types of commercial discounts we have discussed. And it makes sense, since factoring encompasses and surpasses them, even when it has its limitations.

    Factoring involves the cession by the company of the invoices you have against a customer to a financial institution, called a factor. From Alliance One you will be having the best options. Come on, you buy them. This entity will be responsible for the collection management of these invoices, and will anticipate them at the request of the transferor, applying an interest rate and a commission for the discount invoice, in a similar way to the commercial paper assumptions. Formulas that we have seen have important advantages:

    The existence of letters, checks, promissory notes that document the commercial relationship is not necessary. It suffices with the presentation of the corresponding bill, although at times we will be asked to indicate it, or to have a statement of reason (payment commitment to the financial entity filled out on the invoice itself), etc. The normal thing is that, before starting to work with the factor, the debtor company signs a letter whereby from that moment it undertakes to pay all the invoices of the transferor through the factor, although it does not necessarily have to be that way.

    • For the reasons mentioned above, it is especially interesting for companies that do not issue or accept commercial effects as a means of payment. This happens in large private companies that pay by transfer, but also in public sector clients and even with foreign clients, who are not used to our financial uses. When talking about forfaiting in international trade, we are talking ultimately about a factoring operation.
    • Elimination of insolvency risk: Factoring generally used in Spain is factoring without recourse. That means that the financial institution, the factor assumes the insolvency risk of the debtor. If it enters into bankruptcy (insolvency / suspension of payments) that risk is up to it. But be careful, that in the case of an improper filling of the invoice. or of mere commercial disputes, the factor reserves the right to charge, with expenses included, the invoice in the account of the transferor. Therefore, although it is true that the insolvency risk is eliminated, it does not completely eliminate the risk of default.

    This allows for better profitability ratios, a greater number of returns that financiers say to the Balance. Contrary to what some people think, the small Balances are more beautiful.

    In financial terms

    However, factoring, compared to the commercial discount, also has disadvantages:

    The interest rate is substantially more expensive in the case of non-recourse. It has its logic, given the translation of risk, but as we have seen that security only works in extreme cases, so sometimes we wonder if it is worth it.

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